FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers of some of our most frequently asked questions.

A.  Anyone can benefit from our services. We save home owners thousands of dollars of out of pocket expenses and provide a very quick close. And because the home is not listed by an old school real estate agent, you will not have hundreds of home buyers walking through your home. So simply put, homeowners from all walks of life sell to LiveHomeOffer for a number of reasons, including:

  • Moving away
  • New job in new location
  • You hit the lottery, UPGRADE!
  • Foreclosure escaping
  • Divorce
  • Unexpected medical bills or legal fees
  • Job transfer
  • Getting fired
  • Unforeseen property inheritance
  • Downsizing
  • Retirement
  • Upsizing
  • You have bills
  • Emotional stress
  • Death in the family
  • Sickness
  • Not having money to make necessary home repairs
  • Getting rid of a problematic rental property
  • And The list could go on forever.

The most important thing to understand when you are ready to sell, we can provide a hassle free purchase, close in 7 days or less, and even pay your closing costs for you.

A. We mean ANY CONDITION! We buy beautiful custom mansions, and we also buy fixer uppers. This means we will also buy:

  • Homes with damage
  • Homes with water damage
  • Homes with mold
  • Homes with electrical problems
  • And any other problem that you may have.

Homeowners love us because we are a one stop shop. If your home has damage, you wouldn’t be able to sell it to a regular buyer in the MLS. For example, if the buyer is using an FHA loan to purchase your home, you would have to come out of pocket with your hard earned cash to repair the home before the bank would approve the sale. Why struggle with that? We will provide you a cash offer so there there is no contingencies.

A. You will want to call LiveHomeOffer or submit your contact info on our contact page. Then you will:

  1. Fill out a property info form.
  2. We’ll have a LiveHomeOffer in your area contact you to schedule a visit to your home.
  3. We will provide you a NO-COMMITMENT cash offer. Once homeowners realize that you don’t have to pay any out of pocket expenses, they usually call us back eager to get started.
  4. When you accept our offer, we will close within 7 days, sometimes as little as 3 days! Then you can use your cash for what ever you want! Thats it! Easy right?

A. Absolutely.

A. Unfortunately not. Hopefully in the future we will expand our offers.

A. No way! You don’t pay us a dime! We will work hard to pay all of your out of pocket costs. Remember, your cash offer is a no-commitment offer.

A. No. You are never obligated to sell your home once you have seen our cash offer.

A. Our headquarters is located in Las Vegas, NV and we are a team of home buyers that enjoy helping home owners sell their home with minimal out of pocket expenses. Real estate is easy, and with advances in modern technology, does a Licensed Real Estate Agent really deserve 7% commission? We are here, and will do it for free.

A. No. We hold our company and its affiliates to a higher standard. LiveHomeOffer is the primary source for Instant Cash Home Offers. We take protecting our brand seriously. Don’t be mislead by other companies trying to act like our company. We have helped thousands of homeowners nationwide which is a reputation we want to protect.